Timber & Wildlife Management

Like an oak tree, our roots are deep. So deep, in fact, that A. Wilbert's Sons has invested in and managed timber in South Louisiana for nearly two centuries.


A. Wilbert’s Sons has established a reputation as leading experts in bottomland hardwood management in South Louisiana.

We utilize a science-based approach to managing all of our forested property. Balancing both ecological and economical aspects, we employ sustainable harvesting practices to ensure we will be harvesting high-quality timber for generations to come. 

Our forestry team is proficient in:

  • Timber inventories and appraisals
  • Management plans tailored to a variety of objectives
  • Harvest monitoring
  • Regeneration and silvicultural prescriptions
  • Property line management and acreage determination
  • Boundary line maintenance

A. Wilbert’s Sons currently owns and manages over 100,000 forested acres with more than 130 hunting clubs.

With the help of our full-time wildlife biologist, who boasts over 20 years of experience implementing Quality Deer Management principles, we can cater wildlife management for a wide variety of game species. We also provide harvest strategies and recommendations, as well as trail camera surveys for herd monitoring.